Established in 2002

At Mi Computers, we pride ourselves on providing a quality services at reasonable cost, We take great care in repairing PC’s. We realise it’s importance to a business or a family and although we encourage anyone bringing a PC in to be checked to back up their personal files, it’s not always easy for someone to do. We can, for a small fee, endeavour to backup files at a customers request.

We are a professional, ethical company who provide people with a Personal Service, our Technicians, understand the frustration and uncertainty felt once a computer develops a problem, we also understand the processes needed to it sort.

MI Computers have one aim:

To offer you Spares or upgrades at prices and service you want. We are a small enough company to be able to monitor every order from the moment we receive it to the moment in reaches you, but we are also large enough to negotiate prices and pass them onto our customers.

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